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Banking, insurance and consultancy sector

In recent years, the banking sector has experienced a complete restructuring of the relationship between bank entities and their clients. This has led to a series of procedures intimately linked to the new communication flows with individual customers, which in turn has given rise in our group to the generation of service opportunities focusing on the outsourcing of business processes.

A major part of the challenge presented by these sectors is that of being able to incorporate the technology required to properly process end customer data. Analyses of these data make it possible to design solutions tailored to meet their needs and products adapted to an increasingly demanding customer..

We provide added value and possess the capacity, flexibility and adaptive know-how to respond to our clients' needs .

We at ILUNION collaborate with the main banking, insurance and consultancy institutions. We provide added value and possess the capacity, flexibility and adaptive know-how to respond to our clients' needs.  .

At present, we provide back-office services for financial services firms and manage subscription and portfolio processes for insurance companies. Moreover, we have a contact centre that offers reception and sales contact services. Cleaning, security and surveillance services, as well as printing and IT supplies related ones, are further additions to our services portfolio. ILUNION is, likewise, a specialist in technology and accessibility consultancy, not to mention its promotional gift, Christmas hamper and event planning activities. We provide a wide range of services which are provided mostly from our Special Employment Centres. Our goal is to continue growing and adding value to the activities we pursue in this sector..

The existence of large-scale physical facilities, often accompanied by a high degree of capillarity, also enables us to offer our portfolio of integrated maintenance, cleaning and even security services.

In a sector that involves direct customer contact, technology and accessibility also play a key role, accordingly, we at ILUNION facilitate customer access by means of the adaptation of both physical and online supports..


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