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A project of people and for people

ILUNION materializes in the corporate sphere the social initiative of the ONCE and its Foundation with a pioneering and innovative model, which maintains the balance between its economic and social values.

Main figures

The main magnitudes of ILUNION in 2020 begin with a figure of 35,000 workers of which 41.5 percent, 15,000 people, have some type of disability, among which are visual (6%), auditory disabilities (11% ), physical (58%), psychic (23%) and of all of them 33% are difficult to insert.

+37.360 people

+15.000 people with disabilities:

Type of disability

  • 7% Visual
  • 12% Sensorial
  • 56% physical
  • 25% psychic

34% collectives of difficult insertion

Definition Main magnitudes

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