About us

A project of people and for people

ILUNION materializes in the corporate sphere the social initiative of the ONCE and its Foundation with a pioneering and innovative model, which maintains the balance between its economic and social values.


The quality work of people with disabilities, our hallmark.

We include diversity, knowledge, professionalism, but above all we include people.

Business reputation

At ILUNION, we understand Corporate Social Responsibility as the aspiration for business excellence, within an inclusive and sustainable development framework, and aimed at creating value for society, especially towards people with disabilities.

The Grupo Social ONCE  lead the ranking "Most responsible companies with the best corporate governance in Spain" Merco 2016.

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Main figures

  • +38.000 people

    % people with disabilities:

    Type of disability

    • 5% Visual
    • 12% Sensorial
    • 59% physical
    • 21% psychic

    32% collectives of difficult insertion

    The main magnitudes of ILUNION in 2017 begin with a figure of 35,000 workers of which 40 percent, 14,000 people, have some type of disability, among which are visual (5%), auditory disabilities (12% ), physical (59%), psychic (21%) and of all of them 32% are difficult to insert.
  • September data 2015 to 2016

    • 53% women
    • 5% other nacionality
    • 483 work centers
    • 258 CEE´s
     In terms of general percentages, our staff is composed of 55% women, 5% of people of another nationality, we have 483 work centers and 258 Cee's.
  • Magnitudes

    • Experience and innovation 5 divisions with over 50 businness line
    • People and talent 34.000 employees 13.000 of them peope with disability
    • Customer orientation Tailored industry solutions for our customers
    • A unique business model shared value
     Ilunion has experience and innovation that has 5 divisions with more than 50 lines of business, in terms of people and talent we have more than 35,000 employees, of which 14,000 have some type of disability. We provide customer orientation with adapted solutions, all this added to the unique business model that gives us shared value.

Definition Main magnitudes

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