Enviroment protection

the ambient impact
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Environmental Protection Management

Environmental Protection Management

Ilunion’s environmental policy is guided by the following principles: compliance with requirements of current legislation on environmental protection; efficient use of resources in order to reduce its impact on the environment, environmental pollution prevention, and efficient waste and spill control; dissemination of environmental protection and pollution prevention best practices; and employee awareness and education on environmental protection.

Due to the diverse nature of our business activities we have developed an environmental protection approach that adapts to the type of impact generated by each of our activities.

These actions are in compliance with the current legislation and with international standards which has had a positive impact in the rest of our business activities. Among the most relevant are the development of a measurement system and the use of environmental management performance indicators. We have also increased our investments in actions to reduce the impact of our business activities.

Our environmental protection actions carried also include implementation of energy efficiency plans for hotels; use of water recovery systems and washing at 65ºC in industrial laundries; installation of a biomass boiler in one of our retirement homes; installation of timers for clime control systems, light bulbs and faucets; replacement of regular light bulbs for energy efficient ones; promote employees and clients awareness on energy saving through the development and dissemination of best practices in energy saving; and displaying posters educating on responsible consumption.