Enviroment protection

the ambient impact
and pollution

Environmental Protection Management

Environmental Protection Management

Reducing the activity’s environmental impact, together with optimising process efficiency, methods and products through innovation, are essential aspects for ILUNION .

Given the diverse nature of the business activities pursued by ILUNION  companies, the group's environmental policy is adapted and developed in accordance with the impact generated by each one. In spite of this, better management of natural resources and of waste produced is a goal pursued in all cases, together with the prevention of pollution.

To this end, at ILUNION  we take measures to reduce impacts on water consumption, climate change and the use of energy resources.

Water management

ILUNION  promotes implementation of innovative measures and processes that guarantee efficient consumption, together with responsible and sustainable use of water. Especially noteworthy is the use of water recovery systems and the implementation of 65 ºC washing at industrial laundries.

Energy management

ILUNION  has launched energy efficiency programmes to reduce energy consumption. The most interesting interventions include the following:

  • Sustainable mobility
    • Fleet refurbishment (more efficient models)
    • Hybrid and electric vehicles
    • Eco-driving systems
  • Energy efficiency at the facilities
    • Operational control systems
    • Improvement of insulation
    • Replacement of equipment by other more efficient equipment
  • Use of renewable energies
    • Solar panels for hot water for sanitary use
    • Photovoltaic solar plant
    • Biomass boilers