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For ILUNION providing a comprehensive service is to provide much more than a service. The people that go to make up our group contribute value in the conducting of their tasks, regardless of the area involved. Accordingly, the telephone assistance that is provided from ILUNION Contact Center BPO carries the same mark of quality as the attention that is received at a client company installation from ILUNION Facility Services. The care taken in our Laundry services is exactly the same that we exercise in looking for the best equipment solution for your business through our IT Services. People immersed in what they do, centred on bringing value to each task and focused on providing an excellent service.


    ILUNION Facility Services line of business of ILUNION pconceived to offer quality, bespoke services to meet client needs. We design outsourcing services for companies based on innovation, sustainability and respect for the environment and surroundings

    Our main concern is to improve the productivity of our clients, And to do so, to help them manage their operational costs and make them cost-effective, we bring a global and integrating vision to the services to be provided, a FACILITY MANAGEMENT, perspective that enables us to get involved in the entire process and not merely the performance of the services.

    • Cleaning Services

      ILUNION Facility Services specialises in all types cleaning. Our commercial cleaning services cover all types of interior building cleaning services, special cleaning actions and other specific services. Moreover, we supply hygiene consumables, hygienic and bacteriostatic units. We provide our hygienic cleaning services at hospitals, agri-food and pharmaceutical facilities, working both clean rooms as well as communal areas. Our speciality is hygiene and disinfection services for high sensitive areas. ILUNION Facility Services also pursues its activities at nuclear power stations and at industrial centres, where it carries out the integrated cleaning of factories, as well as technical, cryogenic and chemical cleaning actions.

    • Landscaping services

      ILUNION Facility Services provides a complete range of landscaping services in parks and gardens, which cover both the design, planning and execution of the same. From the sustainable perspective, all of our projects are designed with criteria such as landscape and architectural integration, habitability, accessibility and efficiency in mind.

      ILUNION Facility Services is committed to the environment, offering as it does forest and environmental services that cater for mountains, rivers and work related to the defence, improvement and protection of territories, plant and animal life. We also do conservation and maintenance work on green belts pursuant to sustainability criteria. These types of projects include caring for plants and vegetation as well as the associated facilities and infrastructures.

      Worthy of particular mention within the range of the specialist services we provide is the treatment of sports surfaces, which covers paving works and the upkeep of football, golf, paddle, hockey, tennis and athletics surfaces

    • Environmental hygiene and waste management services

      We at ILUNION Facility Services provide effective environmental hygiene measures, such as disinfection, rat and insect control, as well as bird control, legionnaire's disease control and wood treatment services. Our waste management service includes technical advice, environmental consultancy, GIS, environmental management and documentation and the selective collection of waste.

    • WEE recycling service

      From its base at La Bañeza (León) ILUNION Facility Services manages a recycling plant for waste electrical and electronic equipment. We offer nationwide waste collection and haulage services from source to our facilities, as well as its treatment in accordance with current regulations. We also provide valued product recovery services and issue documentation accrediting proper WEEE management.

    • Security services

      At ILUNION Facility Services we guarantee top quality security surveillance services, to which end we use state-of-the-art technology. Our active surveillance services provide bespoke solutions based on innovation and a commitment to offering an integrated service.

      Our security plans are tailored to meet client requirements and encompass the following solutions: physical vigilance, security systems, body guards and security monitoring service, always based on the advice of expert professionals in each client's business activity.

      ILUNION Facility Services has its own central alarm station ( which, connected as it is to our advanced surveillance systems, enables us to provide an integrated security service that covers intruder and fire detection.

    • Training services / High performance fire fighting and driving centre

      ILUNION Facility Services has a high performance centre in Brunete, Madrid that provides training in fire fighting and driving. This 75,000 m2 centre has classrooms, a test laboratory and facilities to practice fire fighting, hazardous goods management, industrial rescue and survival at sea. Moreover, it has an asphalted safety driving circuit and another one for 4x4s with the highest ramp in Spain.

      Through our consultancy service at ILUNION Facility Services we design self-protection plans for buildings and industries and draft emergency action manuals for all types of premises, in addition to designing improvement studies and reports for fire safety and emergency evacuation conditions. We also conduct fire safety audits, give training courses on how to act in emergencies at client facilities, as well as drafting emergency simulation reports.

    • Integrated building maintenance service

      Developing global solutions that ensure the conservation of facilities and optimising their consumption is another ILUNION Facility Services priority. Our goal is to ensure the optimal operating of business, industrial, residential and institutional buildings

      To this end, we have a highly qualified team of engineers and technicians to provide on-site works preventive, corrective and technical-legal maintenance and facility restoration, energy consultancy and technical advice services

    • Outsourcing services

      ILUNION Facility Services is a line of business that specialises in the design and management of outsourcing projects and intensive manpower processes. Bespoke and innovative solutions are designed to add value and increase the efficiency of our clients' production and service processes.

      We design and provide documentary information, after-sales, complaint management and mobility support services. Moreover, we provide general integrated services with a single liaison person at buildings and facilities. These services encompass reception, telephone exchange, porter's office, internal mail, file management and photocopying rooms.

      Whether the service be provided on-site in person or remotely over the phone, we have perfected our customer help service projects at big buildings or transit areas to the extent of converting them into a benchmark in the field of outsourcing services.

      Our merchandising services cover tasks such as product facing, brand ordering, stock control, incident management and price information, thus catering for the entire logistics line in stock management.

      Beyond the confines of the strictly business world, our specialisation in this field has been further diversified to include the management of sports facilities and educational complementary services where we also provide a service in which we have extensive experience.

    • Support services for industry

      At ILUNION Facility Services we offer assembly and industrial component handling services for highly competitive sectors, such as food and cosmetics.

      These services include reworking, part selection, sequencing and picking and packaging. Furthermore, we provide different types of handling services, shrink wrapping, bagging, sleeving and quality inspection.

      Our flexibility enables us to design the work flow for both our own and client facilities, to the extent of managing stock and logistics services to the same level of assurance as if they were our own resources

    • Industrial services through Fabricación Modular Valenciana (FMV)

      The ILUNION Facility Services line of business specialises in the provision of industrial services for highly competitive sectors, such as for the car industry through lines such as the FMV. As benchmark logistics providers for Ford España we have managed to integrate ourselves into their assembly chain, thus forming a single, efficient team of proven quality.

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    ILUNION LAUNDRY and Hospitality Services provides a comprehensive textile solution-based service. Indeed, we have managed to complete our laundry services by including complementary, sector-specific ones, which has seen us become a benchmark provider in the hotel and hospital sectors.


      ILUNION Laundry and Hospitality Services, consisting in the processing of linen for top hotel chains and the hospital sector, are available nationwide.

      We make it our priority to provide a quality service, guaranteeing linen delivery in under 24 hours and adapting our process to meet client needs.

      Our service mission is a client-based approach pursuant to which we offer a wide range of options to hire our services. From buying to renting, we stand at your side offering our experience in textile processing and providing advice on qualities, stock and customisation.

    • TEXTILE SALES service

      The ILUNION Laundry Textile Sales service attests to our innovative spirit in complementing the wide range of hospitality sector services we offer. Our experience in the laundry sector and our knowledge of the processes to which the textiles used are subject has made us experts in the selecting, manufacturing and selling of textiles designed for particular sectors.

    • STERILISATION service

      We provide health centres with the sterile products required for the surgical procedures performed at their facilities. Our commitment to ongoing improvement is always geared towards excellence in the provision of this service


      ILUNION Laundry provides an Integrated Uniform Management Service which ranges from the hiring, laundering and tracking control of uniforms to their distribution to client lockers. A comprehensive and individualised garment treatment process.


      We supply personal hygiene products, disposable accessories and any other element that provides added value to our clients. We look after all those items that make hotel guests and hospital patients feel at home

    • CHAMBERMAID service

      We at ILUNION Laundry are committed to providing top quality chambermaids for hotels. Accordingly, this service is endowed with all the resources necessary to make rooms fit for occupation with the maximum guarantees. We offer our clients the benefits of the complete textile management process, ranging from the selection, purchasing, transporting, laundering and ironing of garments, to their perfect end placement for use in rooms.

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    Our over 25 years of experience in the design and provision of integrated Contact Centre services speaks for itself. We at ILUNION Contact Centre BPO have learned to put this experience to use by tailoring it to meet client needs.

    • Contact Centre services

      Our professionals specialise in the operational design, management and development of projects, in which we adapt a wide range of technologies to tackle the particular challenges presented by each client.

      Implementing and running emergency centres is one of our flagship services. Our over 15-year experience in managing this type of service has afforded us the experience and reliability demanded by public bodies. A commitment to quality geared towards providing the general public with only the best service.

    • FITEX

      Together with the Caja de Extremadura-Liberbank savings bank we have a contact centre in Extremadura aimed at technologically developing the region and boosting employment, preferably among people with disabilities.

    • Bussiness process outsourcing. BPO Services

      Well proven experience is just one of the main characteristics of ILUNION Contact Centre BPO in the field of business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. We have designed bespoke solutions in those main sectors where business process outsourcing is a key factor in offering competitive services. Our vertical solutions can be adapted to each company in such diverse sectors as banking, insurance, transport and utilities.

      We provide our clients with one of the most powerful platforms for the mass digitisation of documents and data entry, as well as video recording data collection, optical character reader (OCR), image indexing and electronic filing. The SaaS Document Management platform we offer can be adapted, both flexibly and swiftly to meet each client's needs.

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    ILUNION showcases some of the business models that complement its corporate activity. Grupo Columbia is a case in point. This is a company that deals in the manufacturing, re-manufacturing, and distribution of IT printing products for both home and corporate use. In recent years, the Columbia Group has been focusing its endeavours on providing its products with added value by means of consultancy services to optimise printing processes.

    • Managed printing services

      At Columbia Group we manufacture certified IT consumables (toners and inkjets) that meet ISO and DIN standards and respect manufacturers’ patents. Our products guarantee a number of printed pages equal to or above that of the original products. Moreover, we are the only manufacturers of consumables that offer advanced printing services. We also specialise in the management and monitoring of printing equipment resources (printers and multi-function equipment), which enables clients to make costs savings of up to 40%.