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Personal adaptation
and social.


A Special Employment Center is a work center whose staff is composed at least 70% by persons with disabilities, and whose main objective is to perform productive work in the market in which it operates, ensuring a remunerated employment and the provision of personal and social adjustment services required by their workers with disabilities. At the same time they are a means for the labor insertion of a large number of people with disabilities in the ordinary labor market.

In ILUNION we bet on this formula of people integration offering personal and social adjustment plans and measures, which make it possible for work to enrich them as people beyond the strictly labor.

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Division Area Address Postal code Work center
Integral Services Facility Services C/ Ribera de Axpe nº11, edif D1, Dpto 101 48950 ERANDIO
Business Solutions (Retail) Barrio de Labega s/n 48960 GALDACANO - Hospital de Galdacano
Business Solutions Insurance Brokerage Services C/ Pérez Galdós, 11, 3ª Planta 48010 BILBAO
Integral Services Facility Services C/ San Atilano, 2 49001 ZAMORA
Integral Services Facility Services C/ Julián Sanz Ibáñez, 42 – Bajo 50017 ZARAGOZA
Integral Services Facility Services P.I. Valdemuel, S/N 50290 PILA