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Human Resources policy

  • Recruiting, selecting and hiring

    Being able to count on the best professionals is essential to our success. Our recruitment processes begin with looking for excellence to cover our vacant positions, paying particular attention to groups with a disability with a view to their labour insertion. Our first stop in the recruiting process is always internal, fostering the promotion of those who go to make up our teams.

  • Insertion plan

    When a person joins ILUNION, an insertion transition period begins, which contributes greatly to his or her labour insertion from the technical perspective, with respect to the work atmosphere and as regards assimilating the institutional culture of ONCE, its Foundation and ILUNION and its companies. Having a personal tutor assigned to each new recruit and receiving a copy of the corporate welcome handbook are key factors in successfully tackling this stage.

  • Talent management

    Given the demanding context of today's business world, ILUNION has developed its own strategic Human Resources management solutions to plan the development of its professional teams. Accordingly, we are in a position to make sure that our professionals have all the technical, management and executive skills needed to take on present and future challenges. Holding on to the talent of its professionals and making it flourish is one of the main strategic goals at ILUNION.

  • Professional development

    ILUNION makes a point of getting to know the current skills of the members of its teams to identify and detect the future potential of its employees, optimising the resources invested in their training and development, covering vacant positions that arise internally, holding on to and motivating people of extraordinary value, designing and developing effective promotion actions for the medium and long term. The foregoing means that management teams have an internal pool of professionals at their disposal who have been trained in their work environment and institutional culture, thus enabling them to efficiently manage the organisation's human and intellectual assets.

  • Conciliation

    ILUNION is committed to conciliating the work and family life of its employees as a further element of the company's management strategy. Respect for individual needs in accordance with the disability of each professional is managed through active conciliation policies.

    Occupational Health and Safety

    We work to ensure the integrated health and safety of the people that go to make up the ILUNION team. Our occupational health and safety policy goal is to create safe and healthy work environments, granting special importance to people with disabilities, to the promotion of health and well-being at work and to continuous management improvement. All ILUNION Group companies hold OHSAS 18001 certificates and foster the development of projects and actions to promote better knowledge of health and safety at work, paying special attention to the needs of people with disabilities.

  • Quality

    When developing and implementing its projects, processes, tools and management solutions, ILUNION always works in such a way that these are in keeping with quality standards and the main related European certificates (ISO, OHSAS, EFQR, EFR, Bequal, etc.), as a means of concretizing its values.