Ethics and integrity

Ethical code
of conduct.

Ethics and integrity

rse-d responsibility + disability

Code of Ethical Conduct

ILUNION’s business model is founded on values, not only because of its commitment to Disability and the Inclusive Economy, but also out of a clear sense of responsible business management and business ethics.

In this respect, ILUNION is guided by eleven values that form part of its corporate culture and which are fostered through a series of ethical tools shared with the entire ONCE Social Group: the Ethical Code, the Ethics Channel and the Ethics Group (which depends on the Observatory for Transparency and Ethics of ONCE’s General Council)

The Ethical Code

The Ethical Code and the Conduct Guide for ILUNION Employees serves to offer guidance and inspiration and takes as its point of reference the Code of Ethical Conduct of the ONCE Social Group. This latter Code applies exclusively to Board Members, Executives, Middle Managers and other Management Officers, and it is mandatory for them to obey it.

The ethical code is public and it cand be founded by any employe at the Intranet.

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Ethics Communication Channel

The Ethics Channel is managed through an e-mail box to which all employees can send queries and suggestions for improvement related with the Code of Ethical Conduct, as well as complaints about conducts infringing this code by persons obligated to obey it. The Ethics Channel is located at a specific microsite on Ethical Commitment of the ONCE Social Group.

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The management of the Ethics Channel is handled by the Ethics Group, which guarantees its confidentiality and that this channel will not be used for any other purpose. In addition, it promotes measures for implementation and development of the Ethical Code.