Ethics and integrity

Ethical code
of conduct.

Ethics and integrity

rse-d responsibility + disability

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Ilunion is governed by ONCE and ONCE Foundation’s Code of Ethics and Conduct for directors, middle managers, and non-executive supervisors, updated on 2011 by the ONCE General Council.

This Code of Ethics and Conduct embraces eleven values: communication, solidarity, confidentiality, fairness, trust, honesty, humility respect, commitment, professionalism and responsibility.

Although it especially applies to directors, middle managers and non-executive supervisors the Code is public and available to employees via Intranet.

Ethics Commitee

The Ethics Committee of ONCE and ONCE Foundation, with the support of the Ethics Subcommittee, has as its mission to enforce the code of ethics and to promote and develop implementation approaches. The Committee is chaired by the president of ONCE and its members include first level representatives of the organization.

In the exercise of their duties, members of the Ethics Committee and Subcommittee must sign a declaration committing to maintaining the confidentiality of matters discussed before both committees and to not to use the information for other purposes. The Ethics Subcommittee has the power to resolve ethics complaints and suggestions that do not pose a significant risk.

Internal Audit prepares annual reports on the activities carried out by the Ethics Committee that is presented before the members of ONCE General Council in order to inform about the actions carried out during the year.

A guide of ethical conduct for ONCE and ONCE Foundation’s management team is currently in the process of approval.

Ethics Communication Channel

All matters regarding company ethics must be communicated over email via an Intranet server available to all employees. Communications must include a motive and the name of the sender. The Ethics Subcommittee is responsible for receiving and processing all information as well as guaranteeing confidentiality and ensuring that it is not used for other purposes.