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Plural excellence

Education sector

The digital transformation is one of the factors that is set to revolutionise the Education Sector in the near feature. The notion of inclusive education is being reinforced by the use of technology in education, while also becoming further established by the availability of accessible content. This content accessibility boosts diversity in educational environments that are tending to become more pluralised, thus generating new needs when it comes to creating and managing content “for all”.

Moreover, in the face of an increasing selection, a sector that has traditionally been driven by the public sector is beginning to operate under free market rules and is becoming a space populated by big actors who require quality partners to meet its challenges: inclusive education requirements, technology trends in education and free market conditions.

The gradual drop in demand owing to population pyramid developments has led to an unprecedented competitive situation in the Education Sector. Indeed, the need to attract students has created a setting in which the different institutions are positioning themselves as brands linking them to values such as technology in education and accessibility. R&D&l has become a vital axis that applies not only to how organisations operate but also to the education process in general.

The role of our group lies in aspects and multi-dimensional variables such as the application of accessibility rules to the new technologies in education. Developing processes based on accessible technology represents a guarantee for inclusive education in the Education Sector, which explains why we at ILUNION Technology and Accessibility are particularly capable of offering consultancy services adapted to the needs of each project.

At ILUNION Health we are particularly conscious of the role of accessibility regarding physical elements (adapted structures, magnetic loops, facility fittings and equipment, etc.) in the Education Sector, as well as the signposting elements designed pursuant to maximum visibility. In both cases, they constitute key features to provide macro-environments “for all” within the context of inclusive education in which we work.

Furthermore, the needs of the infrastructures themselves in terms of cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, etc. have their ready solution in ILUNION Facility Services, where we also design security services to cater for the special needs of education centres. We also attend to the environmental concerns of centres by implementing recycling solutions.

Cost reduction optimisation processes are other sector areas that we focus on and for which we can provide support through ILUNION IT Services and through our ILUNION Contact Center Bpo from which it is possible to reconsider the documentary cycle that is generated in the sector by digitising the process and making it more efficient.

The maturity of the Education Sector has also led to a revision of communication channels and their strategy. At ILUNION Business Communication we specialise in the management of communication processes geared towards specific audience targeted digital environments. Technology in education is also spreading into the macro-universe of the social networks, quickly becoming a requirement for getting in touch with students..

Technology in education is also spreading into the macro-universe of the social networks, quickly becoming a requirement for getting in touch with students. Moreover, the Education Sector can benefit from the outsourcing of personnel recruitment and selection processes and the specialist training we offer through ILUNION Human Capital. One of the least emphasised aspects of inclusive education, albeit of vital importance by focusing on the professionals that provide services in the sector.

Our services are completed by ILUNION Hotels and ILUNION Catering through which we offer the Education Sector accommodation and contract conditions adapted and designed for the education environment..

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