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Diversity and talent

ILUNION applies and manages the scope of its diversity policy under five headings: Disability, gender, age, ethnicity and race and sexual orientation and identity.

We promote differences for the benefit of the organization as a strategic value. We guarantee equal treatment and opportunities for both genders, as well as age by race or identity, fostering inclusive work.


  • Improving the diferences as an strategic value

    • Gender

      We garantee same chances for men and women

    • Age

      We garantee same chances and oppurtunities Age

  • Inclusive work environment

    • Ethnic-racial

      Guarantee equal treatment and opportunities for ethnicity and race

    • Identity

      Guarantee equal treatment and opportunities for convictions and sexual orientation and identity

  • Gender diversity

    In ILUNION We ensure the incorporation of women in all our teams, and we promote collaboration agreements on Equality and women's rights at work, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, developing outreach campaigns in our companies. 

    We are especially sensitive to victims of gender violence. For this reason, we defend a firm commitment to the women of our staff and to society as a whole  in the fight against all manifestations of this type of discriminatory behavior of sexist mistreatment. Thus, in accordance with what is legally established (LO 1/2004, of December 28, and LO 3/2007, of March 22), we periodically develop internal awareness campaigns, implement early detection processes and prevent possible situations, and establish support measures for women who may be affected.

     55% of our staff are women, we defend a firm commitment to them.
    • 45% Mens
    • 55% Women

    We defend a firm commitment with the women of our staff

  • Diversity in disability

    About 38% of the people we are part of ILUNION we are professionals with some type of disability. We are in all the functional and hierarchical areas of the companies, in any sector and in almost any location.

     All of us have different capacities, for this reason 40% of our workforce has some kind of disability, we believe in work inclusion and we actively practice it.
    • 40% People without disabilities
    • 60% People with disabilities

    All of us have different abilities

  • Generational diversity

    The different age groups that make up a company like ours allow the plurality of perspectives, the transmission of knowledge  and the use of the contributions of each generation in any environment in which we interact. And is that diversity makes differences a source of opportunities.

     Diversity turns differences into a source of opportunities, so our staff consists of  Z, SENIOR, Y, X, and Baby Boomer generations.
    • 1% Z Generation
    • 6% Senior Generation
    • 15% Y Generation
    • 32% X Generation
    • 64% Baby boomer Generation

    Diversity turns differences from a source of opportunities

  • Cultural diversity

    The increase in the mobility of companies and people is one of the social facts that has contributed most to show the diverse nature of the planet, making us aware of this diversity.

     Cultural diversity is a characteristic feature of our world, so 5% of our workforce is of foreign nationality, because we believe in that diversity and we encourage it.
    • 95% Spanish Nationality
    • 5% Foreign Nationality
    • 2% Asia
    • 26% Africa
    • 35% Europe
    • 37% America

    Cultural diversity is a characteristic feature of our world

  • Diversity of identity and sexual orientation

    Diversity is a human rights issue and no one should be discriminated against.