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Corporate Responsibility in Ilunion


We at ILUNION are convinced that being responsible makes us a better company estamos convencidos de que ser responsables nos ayuda a tener mejores empresas.

The following are the pillars on which Corporate Responsibility at ILUNION son los siguientes:

  • Creating quality jobs for people with disabilities by means of sustainable business projects. We pursue a dual return policy: economic and social.
  • We strive to set an example in terms of disability management in our organisation, seeking to become the reference partners for those organisations that share our commitment to equal opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • Believing people to be the driving force behind our organisation. We are “people at the service of people”.
  • Ensuring that good governance and transparency are observed as core values in our company to secure sustainability in time and to generate the trust in our stakeholders and society as a whole.
  • Encouraging creativity in all our teams and investing in R&D to design and implement the best solutions to respond to the complex and competitive milieu in which our companies move.
  • Having our company certified to international standards that contribute to improving our management and maximising our value for clients.
  • Managing natural resources responsibly and always seeking to minimise the environmental impact of our activitiess.

CR and Sustainability management has constituted an executive function in the company since 2007. Subsequently, however, what is actually known as the CSR, Communications and Institutional Relations Directorate, which is implemented across the board for ONCE Foundation and group companies alike, was set up in 2011. It is headed by a member of the ONCE Foundation Directorate and the ILUNION Board of Directors, who answers directly to senior management (Vice President of the ONCE Foundation and President and CEO of ILUNION).


  • Buen gobierno y transparencia
  •  Soundness and profitability
  •  CSR and Disability: Exemplariness and added value
  •  Innovation
  •  Excellence
  •   Environmental commitment


Fluid and two-way communication with stakeholders makes it possible to identify, plan and implement CR actions. The following are ILUNION's most important stakeholders:

  • Employees, with or without a disability, as these are instrumental in making our business and social project a reality through their professionalism and experience.
  • Suppliers and clients, with whom relationships of collaboration and trust are maintained.
  • Public administration bodies, to which we are accountable given the relations we maintain with them as service providers and beneficiaries of public fundings.
  • The supported employment sector, in which important work is done to encourage the development and professionalisation of the special employment .


A key aspect of CR activity at Ilunion consists in promoting CSR and in disseminating and furthering the responsible management of disability in companies (CRS+D). This work is done both nationally and on an international scale and has positioned ILUNION, along with the ONCE Foundation, as one of its leading advocates.

Through the National Disability Council, we have played an active role in the Spanish Corporate Social Responsibility Council (CERSE) since its creation and in the last stage of the process to draft the Spanish CSR Strategy.

ILUNION currently chairs the Board of Directors of Forética. Moreover, it is a founding member of the SERES Foundation).

We participate through the ONCE Foundation as a member of the SpainSIF Socially Responsible Investment platform, in the AEN/CTN 165 - Ethics Technical Standardization Committee and in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as an Organizational Stakeholder.

Back in 2013, we conducted an international campaign in collaboration with the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities (CERMI) that managed to obtain a commitment from the GRI to incorporate the social and labour insertion of people with disability into the new sustainability reporting resource and guide developments.

ILUNION is a signatory to the Union Nation Global Compact and a member of the Spanish Global Compact Network.


  • Foro inserta responsable

    Inserta Responsable Forum

    www.foroinserta.esA social innovation website dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility and the social inclusion and labour insertion of people with disabilities. It seeks to create a positive impact for participating companies and organisations.
  • Contratación pública socialmente responsable

    Forum for Corporate Responsibility in Public Recruitment

    www.conr.esThis forum focuses on the creation and sustaining of employment for people with disabilities, as well as universal accessibility through public recruitment. To this end it invites the collaboration of both public and private entities alike.
  • red europea de responsabilidad social empresarial y discapacidad

    CSR+D European Network

    www.csr-d.euA network set up to raise the awareness and promote the inclusion of disability in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) business and political agendas from a collaborative approach. The end goal is to encourage the social inclusion and labour insertion of people with disabilities and to contribute to the development of responsible competitiveness of businesses and public administrations..
  • bequal

    Bequal First certificate that recognizes, verifies and guarantees the commitment and positive attitude of the company towards people with disabilities.
  • European network for Accesible tourism

    European Network for Accesible Tourism Non-profit organization that aspires to be the vanguard in the study, promotion and practice of accessible tourism.