Integrating right

with the rights
of the people
with disabilities
and its social

Alternative Measures

We at ILUNION offer our clients the chance to comply with the General law of the rights of people with disabilities and their social inclusion, resorting to alternative measures, either through our Special Employment Centres and/or by means of the option of making donations to ONCE Foundation for its employment and training programmes for people with disabilities.

These alternative measures have also been a means of legal compliance by companies, an important lever to the social inclusion of people with disabilities.


  • The regulation governing the rights of people with disabilities provides for the obligation of state-owned and private companies with a staff of 50 and over to reserve 2% of the same for people with disabilities.
  • When companies cannot directly hire people with disabilities, either because of company organisation purposes, or because the jobs do not suit them, in exceptional circumstances, albeit provisionally, they can resort to hiring people with disabilities by way of alternative measures.
  • The indirect hiring of people with disabilities, with a view to complying with the alternative measures, requires administrative authorisation in the form of a Certificate of Exception, which is issued by the local job centre.
  • This Certificate of Exception is granted for a period of 3 years. Every year an explanation of compliance with the same must be submitted in the company annual report. After the Certification of Exception expires it must be renewed if during the term of the same the 2% reserve quota has not been achieved, with due explanation of the reasons for the renewal to be granted.