Broad trajectory

This is our history,
of which we are
very proud

Our Origins

ILUNION has become what it is today owing to the effort of all the employees that make up its various teams and equally to all those who for over nearly 30 years have helped this business initiative of ONCE and its Foundation to become a profitable and sustainable reality.


    There are events that mark the lives of both people and organisations. In our case, we would like to present you with those that make it possible to understand the ILUNION of today.

     In 1938, the ONCE was created. In 1988, the ONCE Foundation was created. Later, the ONCE business project and its Foundation began. In 2014, the ILUNION brand was created and it is the following year in which the ILUNION Group is legally born and establishes a new unique corporate headquarters in 2016.
    • 1938 Origin of the ONCE
    • 1988 Creation of the ONCE Foundation
    • 1989 Start of the business project of the ONCE and its Foundation
    • 2014 The ILUNION brand born.
    • 2015 Business merger and birth of the Group ILUNION S.L.
    • 2016 Unique corporate headquarters Torre ILUNION

    This is our history, of which we are very proud. After 30 years of doing business, we are currently a group staffed by 35,000 people, of whom 13,000 have some disability. And, what makes us feel even happier and more optimistic as regards the future is that last year we were able to create 2,500 job opportunities.


    En ILUNION aims to become a leading organisation that aspires to business excellence for the purpose of creating quality employment for people with disabilities. We at ILUNION want to represent an example for other institutions on how to combine economic and social returns, daily creating life opportunities for people with special challenges, while at the same time doing our little bit to build a better world.