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Hotel Sector

We at ILUNION have taken the new business formulas in the hotel sector as an opportunity to develop new service formulas. The new investment model, which separates ownership from management, has given rise to new service approaches. ILUNION has brought a new innovative proposal to the table that has been designed to meet the demands caused by change and which works as an ideal complement to the new hotel management models.

With over 25 years of experience and leadership behind it in the hotel sector as laundry and linen rental suppliers, which has afforded us a profound insight into the business, ILUNION offers a complete portfolio of services designed to meet the highest levels of quality and efficiency. Spanish hotel chains enjoy great prestige worldwide and, owing to the confidence and trust shown in ILUNION, in recent years we have decided to diversify and extend the services we have to offer beyond our shores.

ILUNION has brought a new innovative proposal to the table that has been designed to meet the demands caused by change and which works as an ideal complement to the new hotel management models.

We at ILUNION provide the hotel sector with a wide range of services considered to be “facilities”, such as cleaning, landscaping, security, outsourcing and integrated maintenance. A comprehensive analysis done by the facility manager enables us to study the needs of each situation and propose optimal people performance models.The outsourcing of processes such as the Contact Centre opened an extremely important market niche for ILUNION to position our business process outsourcing (BPO) services in the front line to offer a fully integrated service.

The contact center business line is an ILUNION project with a great track record created to improve the communications of companies and their customers through a comprehensive service. We offer multiple flexible Contact Center solutions, which allow to enhance the value of the client through the different platforms. We work in the pursuit of excellence through technological innovations that directly impact the improvement of the management of Customer Service centers, reservation centers, etc

The opening of our own hotel chain, ILUNION Hotels, to the Special Employment Centres has revealed how business models like ours, based on the recruiting of people with disabilities, are not only possible, but have become models of success that are laying unprecedented milestones in the history of this sector. Accordingly, our recruitment services (for people with and without a disability) has become one of the added values for our group that offers a plus in this area.

The sector's general concern for an increasingly stronger commitment to CSR has led us to providing consultancy services focused on the obtaining of particular certificates geared towards the generation of fully accessible spaces. By means of retailing adapted technology we have managed to increase awareness in the hotel environment and put people in the shoes of those with a disability (whether temporary or not), who can now travel and move about increasingly more friendly environments.

Our retailing models are completed with an offer in which the sector can also benefit from an extensive portfolio of marketing and communication related services.

    • Industrial laundry and textile renting
    • Textile Sales Services
    • Comprehensive uniformity Management
    • Amenities Purchase Service
    • Maid Services of flats
    • Cleaning services
    • Landscaping services
    • Environmental hygiene and waste management servicesSecurity
    • Integrated building maintenance services
    • Outsourcing 
  • ILUNION Contact Centre BPO
    • Contact Centre services
    • Document management, etc..
  • ILUNION IT Services
    • Managed printing services
    • Technological Equipment
    • Office supplies retail services
    • Christmas hampers
    • Incompany services for employees and / or guests.
    • Temporary jobs and employment placement services
    • Training and education services
    • Urban development and transport consultancy services
    • E-accessibility services
    • BI and infrastructure solutions
    • Social studies and research
    • R+D+I
    • Design and development of mobile apps
    • Design, Creativity and Advertising
    • Web 2.0 and Social Networks
    • Communications consultancy
    • Press office services
    • Editorial services
    • Audiovisual content production
    • Promotional marketing

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