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We meet our clients' temporary recruitment and training needs swiftly and effectively.

As specialists, we offer quality technological solutions and respond to the challenge of coming up with accessible products and environments to meet the needs of all. Our marketing and communications services are endowed with the social values we endorse as a company.


    As specialists, we offer quality technological solutions and respond to the challenge of coming up with accessible products and environments to meet the needs of all. Our marketing and communications services are endowed with the social values we endorse as a company.We at ILUNION ILUNION Human Capital work with both employers and job seekers, thus enabling us to straddle both worlds while catering to their expectations.

    We provide companies with advice based on a rigorous analysis of their personnel needs to strike the ideal person-post balance. We serve job seekers by compiling all the information required to analyse their employment profile and adequately fit the candidates to the positions on offer.

    • Temporary jobs and employment placement services

      We provide an expert human resources team that specialises in the management of people with disabilities, which collaborates closely with our clients' recruitment, project and OHS teams.

    • Training and education services

      Our range of training opportunities has made us the ideal partner to undertake any training and educational project duly tailored to meet our clients' needs. We at ILUNION Capital Human Capital specialise in developing technology-related courses (IT systems, networks, databases, IT security, office IT activities, etc.), general job skills (communication, customer services, problem solving, decision-making, negotiation techniques, etc.) and management skills (leadership, team management, skills improvement, etc.).

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    We operate symbiotically at ILUNION Technology and Accessibility by mutually applying the benefits of both areas.

    Our work concentrates on areas such as research and development, digital accessibility, social studies, ICT services, design and creativity, while also offering technical architecture and tourism services.


      We at ILUNIONTechnology and Accessibility work as consultants to achieve certification in accessibility for built-up environments in accordance with the applicable standards (UNE 170001-1:2007 and UNE 170001-2:2007). Moreover, we offer a training service in the implementation of accessibility criteria to buildings, urban spaces, transport and natural environments, in addition to training in providing customer services for people with disabilities, including emergency situations. We also draft manuals and guides for accessibility intervention (infrastructures, processes, communication and signage elements).

    • E-ACCESSIBILITY services

      We provide a consultancy, auditing and certification service in accordance with the UNE 139803:2012 standard for accessibility to digital environments. Our commitment to offering an integrated service has led us to working in the field of accessibility training for ICT developers, content manages and the creators of e-documents. Moreover, we work as device accessibility auditors (smartphones, tablets, public digital terminals).


      At ILUNION Technology and Accessibility we work on implementing management solutions and balanced scorecards, IT outsourcing and applications' maintenance and Big Data and analytics solutions. We offer high performance hosting and an integrated systems' maintenance service.


      A sizeable part of our work based on the knowledge we glean from our environment and surroundings. To this end, we have developed a key element for us, as is the consultancy service, to implement flexible work systems, a Mystery Shopper service, the possibility of conducting studies and doing research about groups and comprehensive social and organisational consultancy that affords us the field information required to undertake any improvement action. Moreover, we have expert analysts in benchmarking and comparative studies, social image studies and work atmosphere surveys.

      Based on the information we receive, we would conduct a prospective analysis of trends and, where required, can also set up a usability lab.

    • R&D&I

      Our R&D&I services meet the need to undertake research and innovation projects to provide: customised interaction in public digital terminals and web pages; interior guiding; recognition of environment elements; enhanced information on the use of devices; and solutions based on wearables, smart glasses and iBeacons. By means of the activities undertaken in this area we put forward innovative solutions for Smart Human Cities based on: accessible tourism, transport and mobility, public services and social and health care services.



    AT ILUNION social communicationwe offer outsourced communication services and those processes related to our clients' sales process. Our goal is to generate 360-degree services with respect to the image projection of our clients and to boost their productivity by means of marketing strategies.


      Web portals and applications. Accessible front-end and UX. Technological integration of CMS. Development of apps and innovation projects. Graphic design and Creativity. Online image consultancy. SEO, SEM and online marketing.


      We at ILUNION Marketing and Communication work side by side with our clients to develop brand positioning strategies in different media. We use practical, creative and sustainable solutions to set specific targets and to analyse client needs, as well as sector activity, experience and market trends. We contribute an image strategy based on creative ideas to ensure effective positioning, a service that includes creative, functional, communicative and accessible graphic design. Moreover, we do creative and production work in different media for campaigns, as well as providing advice for advertising campaigns.

    • WEB 2.0 AND SOCIAL NETWORK services

      Our goal is for our clients to make the most of their online presence. We define a roadmap for our clients to plot the lines of action to be pursued to meet their goals. To do so, we work on developing and defining strategies for social networks accompanying the client in their materialisation and taking on, should the client so wish, management tasks for the different profiles generated.


      We do internal/external communication audits and provide advice on the definition and development of communication strategies. Moreover, we at ILUNION Marketing and Communication provide training in communication skills for spokespersons, crisis management and public presentations.

    • PRESS OFFICE services

      We help our clients in developing and disseminating information about their companies. We design pressbooks, press releases and newswires. Moreover, we write corporate feature articles and advertising features, not to mention organising press conferences and managing interviews with mass media. Our services also include the drafting of final media impact, graphic and audiovisual coverage reports. We also track and monitor media and press clippings, the internet, radio and TV.

    • Editorial services

      Our editorial service covers the entire regular (magazines, newspapers, etc.) as well as one-off (reports, brochures, etc.) publication processes. We look after drafting, edition, design and layout tasks, as well as printing and distribution. Moreover, we design digital publications and provide content updating services, which include galvanising collaborative digital communities.

    • Audiovisual content production services

      We provide quality, accessible audiovisual content. Our service also includes the live streaming of all types of events.


      We are corporate image experts. Our team is staffed by highly qualified professionals to conduct the best promotional campaigns. Owing to our pool of national and international printing firms we are in a position to offer services that range from the production of corporate stationery to special format corporate sign posts. We create and look for specific promotional products for each client, adapting them to their target audience and budgets. We work with all those products in which they wish to have their products reflected. Textiles, technology, decoration, children's, etc. Our team has experts in both national and international purchasing to achieve the best results.

      Aware as we are that each sector faces its own challenges, we have identified a common denominator to all, namely, the need to be more competitive. Moving with greater adaptability in an endlessly changing digital environment is one of the main challenges today facing companies along with flexibility, which is essential to meeting individual and company client needs. Bespoke solutions do not allow for standards in sectors geared towards providing a service. Accordingly, at ILUNION we have come up with a different way of providing a service depending on the sector we are dealing with. We specialise in sector solutions designed for 360-degree service environments, paying particular attention to the challenges in sectors where we have time-honoured experience. Our goal is to become a benchmark in each sector, promoting sustainable growth based on the premise of respect for our environment and for society in general. Our proposals seek to strike a social and economic balance that enables us to meet our commitment to continue creating quality employment for people with disabilities.

  • ILUNION IT Services

    At ILUNION IT Services we want to accompany firms in their digital transformation by means of designing global technological projects. We provide a complete IT consultancy and advice service, accompanying the client throughout the implementation process.Our technological solutions are designed to optimise our clients' equipment resources and so improve their production and service processes.

    • Technological Equipment

      We at ILUNION IT Services have over 20 years experience in providing hardware and software selling services. We also offer an IT consultancy and advice service to provide our clients with the best diagnosis and advice with respect to their IT needs. Furthermore, we provide the best information available to facilitate appropriate decision-making and, accordingly, improve process quality, save implementation time and optimise client current and future IT system costs.