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Business Solutions

Business Solutions Division

The ILUNION Business Solutions Division provides an extensive array of products and services to meet the entire range of our clients' needs. Our lines of business specialise in business management and are geared towards getting the best price-quality relationship for our clients.

From daily requirements, such as office materials, insurance and equipment, to customised products with added-value service, our business solutions division specialises in offering that little bit extra that makes it stand out from the rest.

Quality assurance and service reliability are the key distinguishing features of our Business Solutions Division.


    ILUNION Retail is a fine example of the combination of innovation and more conventional retail models. Throughout 14 regions, ILUNION Retail has over 90, direct customer contact retail outlets. This network of convenience stores is located in hospitals and other places of transit. ILUNION Retail also offers retail services to companies that cover an extensive assortment of items, ranging from office material to merchandising products and Christmas hampers. Our 360-degree business model enables us to fully analyse client needs and provide bespoke solutions.

    •  Retail stores network

      We at ILUNION Retail concretize our philosophy and values by means of our shop network, throughout the entire retail activity process. Our expertise is brought to bear from the selection of locations, the negotiation and purchasing process with suppliers, the choice and layout of the products at the retail outlet to the final sales process to our customers.

    • Office supplies retail services

      ILUNION Retail provides a wide and modern range of office products and supplies that we offer to our clients nationwide, either through our purchasing platforms or by means of service desk delivery, thus ensuring swift and safe delivery. Our clients' needs are met either on the basis of their purchasing history, or by analysing their needs and proposing the best combination of products.

    • Christmas hampers

      Making sure that the Christmas campaign is an outright success explains our dealing in the selling of Christmas hampers. Our expertise lies in combining quality products creatively and uniquely to achieve bespoke combinations for our clients.



    Our insurance brokerage offers integrated insurance management for companies, non-profit organisations and private individuals. We provide advice prior to taking out and purchasing any insurance package and as well as a follow-up service throughout the life of the policy with respect to claims and administrative processes. We provide insurance advice to the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities (CERMI), which places our brokerage at the forefront of third-sector needs and affords us greater insight into the needs of people with disabilities and those of disability groups in Spain



    A novel way of giving gifts through an online environment.ILUNION provides a wide variety of exquisitely designed gifts for different occasions on Enriquetaregalabonito.com. The added value of this retail line lies in the quality and care with which a quality product is presented.



    Berídico is a brand designed by 5 Bellotas, the aim of which is to bring together the values of the most authentic Iberian pork products from the heart of Extremadura meadow lands, the traditional area for the breeding of the Iberian pig par excellence. Our grain-fed, free range-fed, acorn-fed and acorn-fed PDO ham and shoulders, not to mention Iberian grain and acorn fed sausages, Iberian pork cold cuts and fresh meat makes a complete range of top quality products readily available to all types of clients.

    Berídico is sold on an online retail channel that offers its products directly to end customers. The growing quality and flavour of this brand affords it that extra market distinction.