Cinco personas sonriendo

  • Recruitment, Selection and Hiring

    In our process of filling vacancies we work aligned with our corporate principle of striving for excellence in achieving results and in providing a preferential treatment to job seekers with disabilities in order to contribute to social inclusion.

    Since we favor the promotion of workers already belonging to our teams, our primary sources of recruitment are our own staff.

  • Inclusive Employee Orientation

    When a new professional joins Ilunion, an orientation process begins that promotes the new employee’s labor integration with the technical aspects, the work environment, ONCE´s institutional culture and with the rest of Ilunion’s corporations.

  • Talent Management

    In order to keep up with today’s highly competitive and excellence-driven business environment, our management implements their own strategic Human Resources solutions to ensure the professional development of their teams. They aim to make sure their staff has the necessary technical and managerial skills to successfully meet our business’ current and future challenges.

    Retaining professionals and talents is one of our prime strategic objectives.

  • Professional Development

    We strive to know the actual capabilities of our staff and also to detect their potential by maximizing the resources invested in their training and growth. We also fill vacancies with internal staff, retaining and motivating extremely valuable employees and by designing efficient employee mid and long term promotion action plans. These actions allow our management team to have available a large pool of professionals trained in our own corporate culture and environment and to efficiently manage the human and intellectual capital of our organization.

  • Equality

    We promote collaborative agreements on equality and women’s rights at work in close collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. We also work hard to ensure the inclusion of women in all of our teams and in disseminating campaigns organized by the above Ministry.

    We are particularly sensitive to domestic violence victims and are strongly committed to defending women in our workforce and society in their struggle against this discriminatory and domestic abuse. Therefore, in accordance with the Organic Act 1/2004, of December, 26; and with the Organic Act 3/2007, of March, 22, we carry our periodic internal awareness campaigns. In addition, we have implemented a process to detect early signs of domestic abuse as well as prevention and support services for women who may find themselves in that situation.

  • Work and Family Reconciliation

    We are a certified Family-Friendly Employer committed to providing our employees with the opportunity to reconcile their work and family lives. In fact, work and family reconciliation is a key element of our strategic corporate policy. We believe that motivation and good levels of productivity are strongly linked to a well-balanced life. Our reconciliation policies take into consideration the specific needs of workers with disabilities allowing us to sensitively address their work/family reconciliation issues.  

  • Occupational Hazards and Health

    We work in accordance with the Spanish Act on the Prevention of Occupational Hazards (Act 31/1995, of November, 8th) to guarantee adequate levels of safety and health to our employees in all aspect of their work including their physical and psychosocial well-being. We pay special attention to the protection and development on equal terms of workers with disabilities, and carry out activities to promote greater awareness of occupational hazards and encourage preventive measures.

  • Quality

    We take special care in applying our best practices in the development and implementation of projects, processes, tools and management solutions. We also make sure these practices comply with quality standards and European certifications (ISO, OSHAS, EFQR, EFR, BEQUAL, among others) as well as with our values and commitment to people with disabilities.