Our Corporate Management Team.

Our Corporate Management Team.

Directives of ILUNION:

  • Alejandro Oñoro.

    Chief Executive Officer.

    Imagen de Alejandro Oñoro
  • Paola del Río.

    Corporate Human Resources and Media Management.

    Imagen de Paola del Rio
  • Joaquín Ingelmo.

    Corporate Economic-Financial Management.

    Imagen de Joaquín Ingelmo
  • Alejandro Fernández.

    Corporate Strategy Management.

    Imagen de Alejandro Fernandez
  • Óscar da Pena.

    Corporate Management and Business Development Department.

    Imagen de Oscar da Pena
  • José Luis Barceló.

    Legal Advice Department.

    Imagen de Jose Luis Barceló
  • Virginia Palmero.

    Financial Area Management.

    Imagen de Virginia Palmero
  • Nerea Bidaurrázaga.

    Management of the Purchasing and General Services Area.

    Imagen de Nerea Bidaurrázaga
  • Virginia Núñez Martín

    Transformation and Excellence Director.

    Imagen de Virginia Nuñez
  • Esther Díaz Paniagua

    Personnel Management and Talent Development Director.

    Foto Esther Diaz
  • Paqui García.

    Internal Business Development Department.

  • Antonio Barea.

    Chief Executive Officer of the Division of Commercialization.

    Imagen de Antonio Barea.
  • Fernando Riaño.

    Institutional Relations and Sustainability.

    Imagen de Fernando Riaño.