Chained solutions

Optimized management
of the chain
of supply


Among the challenges facing the transport and logistics sector are those factors related to process improvement and the optimising of supply chain management. On account of the increasing popularity of e-commerce in Spain, we at ILUNION have developed a set of services that specialise in goods handling and cover the specialised manpower needs for logistics operators, no matter what their size.

Furthermore, we provide support for the e-commerce purchasing process through our contact centre and by managing related documentation, thus closing the consumption circle.

ILUNION offers the transport sector an extensive catalogue of products and services aimed at affording your clients a unique experience. An increasingly more buoyant economy, genuinely global, transnational markets and communication systems enabling practically instantaneous transactions, require flexible, modern and efficient transport, logistics and distribution platforms and systems to cater for industry, trade and tourism in particular, and for all service sector stakeholders in general. ILUNION provides this important cross-cutting sector in our economy with products and services that are capable of meeting current and anticipating future needs with a view to exceeding market expectations.

Other factors such as environmental sustainability constitute a further niche opportunity to enable ILUNION, through our cleaning and environmental services, to contribute added value in what is a particularly sensitive sector as regards this issues.

We at ILUNION have specialised in highly competitive sectors and take part in the most innovative industrial processes. Through our support services for industry we are in a position to cover the assembling and handling of components in such highly competitive sectors as those of cosmetics and food .

We show our great ability to adapt to new processes, in keeping with the latest technological advances.

We provide value in sectors such as telecommunications operation, the car industry, food and the manufacturing industry. We show our great ability to adapt to new processes, in keeping with the latest technological advances. All of which serves to defend and protect the environment and to show that social and economic responsibility is fully compatible with quality and efficiency. Our technology, communication and marketing and human capital consultancy services constitute a support for the advancement of this developing sector..

We bring added-value to our clients' supplier chain, contributing our extensive experience in the management of processes and offering many of our activities such as Special Employment Centres. The management of our provision of products and services combines high flexibility and competitiveness with the soundness one would expect of a company pertaining to ILUNION. Our clients in this strategic sector are provided with the opportunity of covering all their needs nationwide with a single partner due to ILUNION's proven capacity to integrate services and combine an extensive range of solutions .