Personal Care

Our reason for being


Healthcare is a key sector for ILUNION where dedication to people and their care constitutes an essential part of our raison d'être..

Our experience has taught us that this is a sector that enables us to devote our efforts to creating employment for people with disabilities. The fact is that this is a growing sector in which services are being updated and where end customers are becoming increasingly more demanding. Social and health care entities, telecare and home help services and retirement homes have increased their presence in Spain in recent years and will continue to do so in the future. The Dependent Care Act is creating a scenario that will see heavy investment over the next few years, in both the public and private sector, in addition to the creation of direct and indirect jobs..

To play an active role in this growth, we at ILUNION are developing flexible, efficient and adaptable services and products that meet the challenges and needs faced by this sector with respect to the increasingly more demanding end customer. Our wide selection of solutions range from hospital and retirement home laundry services to social and health care equipment adapted to people with reduced mobility..

Furthermore, an extensive range of assistive devices has seen us enter market niches sustained by the increasing ageing of the population as per Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE) projections. It is expected that by 2060, 29.9% of the entire population of Spain will be over 65..

Our commitment to innovation is enabling us to position our company as a reliable partner in nursing homes, hospitals, retirement homes and the pharmaceutical industry. All of which are places were cleaning management and concern for the environment are key factors that are perfectly catered for by our services. Security in hospital communal areas and night-time surveillance at nursing homes are other areas inviting our collaboration..

ILUNION is consolidating itself as one of the main call management centres and procedure channelling services in public health services in the main Spanish regions. We are capable of forming part of a delicate process in which the person always comes first.

We are reliable partner in nursing homes, hospitals, retirement homes and the pharmaceutical industry

In addition to providing sector services, we also form part of it through our homes and physiotherapy clinics. This twin role as service providers and competitors affords us a patently clear vision of priorities and the main challenges..

Accessibility and applied technology have become essential features in hospitality and social and health care sectors, which explains why our consultancy services proved necessary to complete the range of products we have to offer.

The growing entry of private companies in the social and health care sector reveals the need for specialist marketing and communication services which, along with the comprehensive management of the production of materials, positions us a 360-degree services provider, beyond the realm of conventional services provision.

We at ILUNION provide quality, integrated solutions that enable us to further progress the value chain of our clients, thus making us the perfectly “reliable partners”.

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