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Warmth and quality: Our mission is primarily social, providing as we do well-being and quality of life for people. We are constantly focused on innovation and continuous improvement to respond to social and health care challenges, attending to the elderly population and those in dependent situations. Our products and services are characterised by quality, customisation and specialisation. People constitute the focal point of our attention in this group division geared towards improving quality of life.


    • Retirement homes and day centre services

      We have developed our own integrated model that is implemented by way of procedures and processes based on person-centred care. This uniqueness defines our services which, in addition to being customised, also manage to combine warmth and quality. Our facilities, comprising of seven retirement homes that can cater for up to 802 residents and 10 day centres to accommodate up to 230, are located in Madrid, Andalusia, Murcia and Castile-La Mancha

    • Telecare Service

      Our home telecare service enables the elderly and those in dependent situations request general assistance, emergency help, advice or just feel they are not alone. ILUNION Social and Health Care provides immediate and customised care noteworthy for its comprehensiveness and quality.

    • Home care help

      We at ILUNION Social and Health Care focus our service on people continuing to live in familiar environments, thus avoiding their personal deterioration and contributing to the creation of habits that improve their quality of life. We customise the care given which resembles that given at our specialist centres, combining it with the undertaking of household tasks and other personal care actions.

    • Consultancy service for companies

      Our extensive experience enables us to provide a specialist technical consultancy service in matters involving the care of dependent people. We provide our consultancy services to companies, institutions and public bodies by means of conducting and drafting demographic studies and reports, designing and equipping care centres, implementing management systems and training qualified personnel.



    • Physiotherapy services

      Professionals accredited by the ONCE College of Physiotherapy, founded over 50 years ago and attached to the Autonomous University of Madrid, staff our Physiotherapy and Health Clinics.

      Our model responds to a market need for a team of physiotherapy experts in all disciplines, treatments and specialities that provide patients with integrated therapies.

      ILUNION Physiotherapy provides its service at over 25 clinics nationwide. Given the concern of certain companies for the well-being of their employees, we have developed an in-house service at our clients' facilities. Accordingly, we are in a position to offer complete treatment to patients without them having to leave their workplace

      We provide a wide range of therapeutic services to meet the needs, age or particular treatment of our patients:

      • Neurological, osteoarticular, respiratory, rheumatology and trauma physiotherapy, in terms of treatment. We also specialise in sports and paediatric physiotherapy and provide treatment to people with reduced mobility, as well as acupuncture and physiotherapy for the elderly, as per patient needs.



    • Assistive devices

      ILUNION Health provides a wide range of orthopaedic products to enhance our patients' mobility. ILUNION Health endeavours to offer cutting-edge mobility devices to all of its clients, providing customised advice in the purchase of these types of assistive device

      We accompany our client throughout the life cycle of their products, providing a certified repair, assistance and maintenance service for wheelchairs and other types of devices.

      ILUNION Health provides clients with a wheelchair rental service for manual and power wheelchairs, scooter lifts and adjustable beds for specific needs.

    • Technical orthopaedic products

      We manufacture all types of orthopaedic products (prosthesis, orthoses, compression garments and special chairs), both bespoke and standard models. We seek to provide optimal results for your mobility and support needs

    • Vehicle adaptation services

      We at ILUNION Health have managed to become a benchmark company for mobility solutions. To complete the services, we offer we have designed a vehicle adaptation service that uses state-of-the art adaptation technology. Adapted vehicles are becoming increasingly popular with our clients who are seeking the customised adaptation of their means of transport. Whether for private or professional transport use, we adapt the vehicles to the specific needs of our client.

    • PC access and augmentative communication service

      Our speech therapists, general therapists and technology experts study and assess the best technical solutions and provide training to improve communication and computer access. To this end they use pictogram support devices, communication, pictographic communication, reading-writing and general communication resources on computers, which have specially adapted mice, keyboards and peripherals

    • Therapeutic counselling and social and health care equipment

      We have a team of occupational therapists at ILUNION Health with extensive experience in devising solutions to assist people in the performance of their daily activities. We design occupational therapy programmes and provide the most appropriate tools and equipment to maximise people's quality of life and independence. Moreover, we design and install sensory stimulation rooms tailored to both users' needs and those of their specialist care centres.

    • Induction Loops

      We at ILUNION Health concern ourselves with making any space accessible to people wearing hearing aids. Consequently, we provide induction loop equipment, which is a system that transmits an audio signal directly to a hearing aid or cochlear implant, thus removing any acoustic distortion that might reduce the sound quality.

    • Signage service, accessibility to information and communication

      Our responsibility stretches beyond conventional adaptations, consequently, we at ILUNION Health provide our clients (whether organisations, public bodies or individuals) with an array of products focused on making the information that surrounds us that bit more accessible to all.

      To this end, we provide Braille transcription and printing services, audio recordings of any text, subtitling for audiovisual materials and TV or radio programmes and audio-descriptions for films and videos, as well as signage, for outdoor and indoor projects alike.